Toko sy andininy momba Nigera

  The Song of Songs Tononkira Tononkira Le Cantique des Cantiques
Ton 1.5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Mivalomainty aho, nefa tsara tarehy, ry zanakavavin' i Jerosalema, toy ny lain' i Kedara, toy ny ambain-dain' i Solomona. Mainty aho, ry zanakavavin' i Jerosalema, nefa tsara tarehy, Sahala amin' ny lain' i Sedara, tahaka ny trano lain' i Salomona. Je suis noire et pourtant belle, filles de Jérusalem, comme les tentes de Qédar, comme les pavillons de Salma.

  The Acts of the Apostles Asa Asa Les Actes des Apôtres
Asa 13.1 Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. Ary teo amin' ny fiangonana tany Antiokia nisy mpaminany sy mpampianatra: Barnabasy sy Simeona, izay atao hoe Nigera, sy Losio Kyreniana sy Menahema (izay niolonono tamin' i Heroda mpanapaka) ary Saoly. Tao amin' ny Eglizy tany Antiokia nisy mpaminany sy mpampianatra: dia Barnabe sy Simeona izay atao hoe Mainty, Lisiosa avy any Sirena, sy Manahena izay niolo-nono tamin' i Heroda Tetrarka, ary Saoly. Il y avait dans l'Église établie à Antioche des prophètes et des docteurs : Barnabé, Syméon appelé Niger, Lucius de Cyrène, Manaèn, ami d' enfance d' Hérode le tétrarque, et Saul.