Teny nalaina : voninahitra

1838Ellis William : History of Madagascar
takila I.352
1stvoninahitra voalohanyPrivate
2ndvoninahitra faharoacorporal
3rdvoninahitra fahateloserjeant
4thvoninahitra fahefatraserjeant major
5thvoninahitra fahadimylieutenant
6thvoninahitra faheninacaptain
7thvoninahitra fahafitomajor
8thvoninahitra fahavalolieutenant colonel
9thvoninahitra fahasivycolonel
10thvoninahitra fahafolocolonel folo
11thvoninahitra faharaikambinifologeneral
12thvoninahitra faharoambinifolofield marshal
13thvoninahitra fahatelambinifolofield marshal
The word "folo", annexed to colonels of the tenth rank, signifies ten, and intimates that those colonels are the highest, and hold an intermediate rank between colonels and generals.
takila I.352
The word for honour in Malagasy is highly significant, and conveys a moral lesson on its vanity -- voninahitra, i.e. "the flower of the grass!"