Entrée bilabilaina (bilabila)
Partie du discours verbe passif
Explications en anglais To be made or done crookedly; to be pulled or dragged about violently, as a criminal being taken to execution; to be hacked or hew, as a carcass, without properly dividing it into joints. (Prov.) [1.2]
Présent : bilabilaina, bilabilaiko, bilabilainao, bilabilainy, bilabilaintsika, bilabilainay, bilabilainareo, bilabilain', bilabilain-, bilabilaim-, bilabilai-
Passé : nobilabilaina, nobilabilaiko, nobilabilainao, nobilabilainy, nobilabilaintsika, nobilabilainay, nobilabilainareo, nobilabilain', nobilabilain-, nobilabilaim-, nobilabilai-
Futur : hobilabilaina, hobilabilaiko, hobilabilainao, hobilabilainy, hobilabilaintsika, hobilabilainay, hobilabilainareo, hobilabilain', hobilabilain-, hobilabilaim-, hobilabilai-
Impératif : bilabilao


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