Entrée Burasaia
Partie du discours nom
Explications en anglais Endemic genus with 5 species. Burasaia is distributed in humid to subhumid evergreen forest, as well as dry semi-deciduous in the Ambongo-Boina region. It can be recognized by its alternate, usually trifoliolate compound leaves, the petiole varying greatly in length, with a somewhat swollen, geniculate pulvinus toward the apex. [2.515]
Noms locaux 
Burasaia australis faritraty, faritsaty
Burasaia crateva alakamisy
Burasaia gracilis  tongoborona
Burasaia gracilis ambora, amboramanitra, amborasaha, amborasahatongoborona, amborasaka, amborasamanitra, amborosaha, kotolahy
Burasaia madagascariensis ambarakasa, ambarasaha, ambarasaka, ambora, amboramanitra, amborasaha, amborasahamaitso, amborasahy, amborasaka, amboravaky, borasaha, faritatsy, faritsaty, hazondahy, odiandro, oditohina, ralakamisy, vodihazo
Burasaia nigrescens alakamisy, ampody, odiandro, varongimainty
Analogues  alakamisy ~ amborasamanitra

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